About Us.


Who Are We

Youngblood is a team of designers and strategy planners practicing strategy design, architecture, interior and graphic design in multi-disciplinary way, with our practice active in both East and West Malaysia.

Our Clients

We serve diversified Clients but mainly they are business operators who are looking for solution providers and strategy planners.

They are mostly clients from the F&B, fast food chains, hospitality, corporate and property development field. Our work is always creatively driven and strategically planned, and always work towards the aim for a better living environment and customers’ satisfaction. We are thankful for the word of mouth via recommendation, which leads us to all wonderful clients that

come to us.

Interior Architecture

Our primary work evolves around Interior Design works of Corporate offices, factory and cultural activities; F&B with restaurants, cafes, bars and cellars; Hospitality on Hotels, wellness, clubs, Retail spaces. On a larger scale we deal with Public Spaces on Shopping Malls, Transportation Hub, Theme Parks, entertainment centers and education centers. 


Established in year 2005 by Director BK Low and Creative Director EiLing Tay, our passion in design and creative buildings never change. With ambition to change the world through architecture and design, we expanded over the years with stable and constant growth in scale and clientele basis. 


We see space, and see what could happen inside, outside. We believe that every design is an attitude. We always believe that a good design does not only appear in physical aesthetic way, but rather the attitude within, where it works best for a person, a place, and a condition. We always remind ourselves that we are designing places for people to live well and work well within, and not just the appearance of it. That is where the attitude comes in. 

Graphic Design

Our graphic design is a bonus to our Interior Design service where we work around the notion of art within a space and space within art. Visual effects, business corporate identity, wayfinding signage, in-store communications, packaging and prints are what we are capable to do to enhance the entire built and interior design scheme.